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2 Fear, treachery, blood lust. 恐懼,背叛,殺戮。

3 Thousands of years ago these were the... 幾千年前這些是...

4 forces that ruled our world 支配著我們的世界的力量

5 A world where prey were scared of predators. 一個獵物擔心著捕食者的世界。

6 And predators had an uncontrollable... 捕食者有一個無法控制的...

7 biological urge to maim, and maul, and... 生理上的沖動去傷害,殘害,并且...

8 Awww! 噢!

9 Blood! Blood! Blood! 高血壓!高血糖!高血脂!

10 And.. death! 和..死!

11 Ahhh... 唉唉......

12 Back then, the world was divided in two. 在那時,世界分為二種。

13 Vicious predator, or meek prey. 兇猛的捕食者與脆弱的獵物。

14 But over time, we evolved, and moved beyond or primitive savage ways. 但隨著時間的推移,我們進化了并拋棄了野蠻的性格。

15 Now predator and prey live in harmony. 現在捕食者與獵物和睦相處。

16 And every young mammal has multitudinous opportunities. 而且所有的年輕的動物都有著各種的可能。

17 Yeah, I don't have to cower in a a herd anymore. 耶,我再也不用躲在洞穴里了。

18 Instead, I can be an astronaut. 取而代之,我可以當太空人。

19 I don't have to be a lonely hunter anymore. Today I can hunt for tax exemptions. 我再也不用當一個孤獨的獵人。如今我可以狩獵稅收。

20 I'm gonna be an actuary. 我可以當一個保險精算師。

21 And I can make the world a better place. I am going to be... 而且我可讓這個世界成為一個更好的地方。我可以當... 22 A police officer! 一位珀莉絲奧菲斯爾!

23 Bunny cop? That is the most stupidest thing I ever heard! 兔子警察,這是我聽過最蠢的事了!

24 It may seem impossible to small minds. I'm looking at you, Gideon Grey. 這也許對心態渺小的人來說是不可能。我在說你呢,吉帝恩葛瑞。

25 But, just 211 miles away, stands the great city of Zootopia. 但是,坐落在211英哩遠,有著一做偉大的城市"動物邦"。

26 Where our ancestors first joined together in peace. 我們的祖先在那兒簽定了和平協議。

27 And declared that anyone can be anything! 而且他們宣告人人都有無限可能!

28 Thank you and good night. 感謝你們,晚安。

29 Judy, you ever wonder how your mom and me got to be so darn happy? 朱迪,你有沒有想過為什么你媽咪跟我這么快樂?

30 Nope 沒了("雄兔腳撲朔,雌兔眼迷離")

31 Well, we gave up on our dreams, and we settled. Right, Bon? 好吧,因為我們放棄了自己的夢想,并且定居了下來。對吧,邦妮?

32 Oh, yes. That's right, Stu. We settled hard. 嗯,這是真的,斯圖。我們艱難的定居下來了。

33 You see, that's the beauty of complacency, Jude. 你看,這就是這的好處,朱迪。

34 If you don't try anything new, you'll never fail. 如果你不嘗試新事物,你就永遠不會失敗。

35 I like trying, actually. 事實上我喜歡嘗試。

36 What your father means, hon, is that it's gonna be difficult, impossible even... 親愛的,你爹地是指,對你而言成為警察可能會很艱難...

37 - for you to become a police officer. - Right. There's never been a bunny cop. - 讓你成為一名警察。 - 沒錯,從來沒有一只兔子警察。

38 - No. - Bunnies don't do that. - 沒有 - 兔子么永遠做不到。

39 - Never. - Never. - 從來沒有。 - 從來沒有。

40 Well... Then I guess I'll have to be the first one. 嗯...那么我想我必須是第一個了。

41 Because I am gonna make the world a better place! 因為我要讓世界變得更美好!

42 Or, heck, you know. You wanna talk about making the world a better place, 或者說,哎呀,你知道的。你說你想讓世界變成更好的地方,

43 no better way to do it than becoming a carrot farmer. 沒有比做拔胡蘿卜的更好的了。

44 Yes! Your dad, me, your 275 brothers and sisters. 沒錯!你爹地、我和你的275個兄弟姊妹。

45 - We're changing the world. - Yeah. - 我們正在改變這個世界。 - 耶。

46 - One carrot at a time. - Amen to that. - 一次一個胡蘿卜。 - 但愿如此。

47 Carrot farming is a noble profession. 拔蘿卜是一個崇高的職業。

48 You get it, honey? I mean, it's great to have dreams. 你明白嗎,親愛的?我的意思是,這是偉大的夢想。 49 Yeah, just as long as you don't believe in them too much. 有夢想很好,只要你不要太相信它。

50 Where the heck'd she go? 她跑哪去了?

51 Give me your tickets right now, or I'm gonna kick your meek little sheep butt. 現在給我你的票,不然我就踢你那溫順的小綿羊屁股。

52 Ow! Cut it out, Gideon! 噢!不要這樣,吉帝恩!

53 Baah, baah! What are you gonna do, cry? 巴阿,巴阿!你要干嘛,哭了嗎?

54 - Hey! You heard her. Cut it out. - Nice costume, loser. - 喂!你聽到她說的了!停下來! - 好裝扮啊,失敗者。 55 What crazy world are you living in where you think a bunny could be a cop? 你生活在什么瘋狂的世界讓你覺得兔子可能是警察?

56 - Kindly return my friend's tickets. - Come and get them. But watch out. - 請把票還給我的朋友們。 - 來啊自己來拿啊,但小心了。

57 Cause I'm a fox, and like you said in your dumb little stage play, 因為我是一只狐貍,和你一樣在你的愚蠢的小舞臺劇說,

58 us predators used to eat prey. And that killer instinct's still in our denna. 我的有著仍然有獵捕的天性,殘暴仍然在我的"DENNA"里。

59 - Uh, I'm pretty much sure it's pronounced DNA. - Don't tell me what I know, Travis. - 嗯,我非?隙☉撃頓NA。 - 不要告訴我什么,我都知道,特拉維斯。

60 You don't scare me, Gideon. 你嚇不倒我的,吉迪恩。

61 Scared now? 現在害怕嗎?

62 Look at her nose twitch, she is scared. 看她的小鼻子抽動,她是害怕了。

63 Cry, little baby bunny! Cry... Ow... 哭了,小寶貝兔子!哭哇... 嗷...

64 Oh, you don't know when to quit, do you? 哦,你就是不知道什么時候放棄,對吧?

65 Huh! 呵呵!

66 I want you to remember this moment the next time you think you will ever be... 我要你永遠記住這一刻,下次你別認為你會是任何人......

67 anything more than just a stupid carrot-farming dumb bunny. 你只是個會愚蠢的拔胡蘿卜的農民。

68 - That looks bad. - Are you okay, Judy? - 你看起來很糟。 - 你沒事吧,茱蒂??

69 Yeah, yeah, I'm okay. Here you go. 嗯,恩,我沒事,給你。

70 - Wow, you got our tickets! - You're awesome, Judy. - 哇,你拿到了我們的票! - 你真棒,朱迪。

71 Yeah, that Gideon Grey doesn't know what he's talking about! 沒錯!那個吉帝恩葛瑞根本不知道他再說什么! 72 Well, he was right about one thing. 嗯,他有一件事說對了。

73 I don't know when to quit. 我不知道什么時候放棄。

74 <font color="#55c8ff">ZOOTOPIA POLICE ACADEMY</font> <font color=“#55c8ff>動物烏托邦警專</FONT>

75 Listen up, cadets. Zootopia has 12 unique ecosystems within its city limits.聽好了,學員。動物烏托邦的市區范圍內擁有12個獨特的生態系統。

76 Tundratown, Sahara Square, Rainforest District, to name a few. 極地區、撒哈拉廣場、熱帶雨林區,僅舉幾例。 77 You're gonna have to master all of them before you hit the streets. 你必須在你上街前掌握它們的一切。 78 Or guess what? You'll be dead! 或者,你猜怎么著?你就會死!

79 Scorching sandstorm. 炎炎的沙塵暴。

80 You're dead, bunny bumpkin. 你死定了,土包子兔子。

81 One thousand foot fall. 一千尺大瀑布。

82 You're dead, carrot face. 你死定了,吃胡蘿卜的。

83 Frigid ice wall. 嚴寒的冰墻。

84 You're dead, farm girl. 你死定了,農家少女。

85 Enormous criminal. You're dead. 重量級罪犯。你死定了。

86 Dead. Dead. Dead. 死。死。死。

87 Ohhh...! 噢噢噢......!

88 Filthy toilet. You're dead, fluff butt. 骯臟的廁所。你死定了,屁股長毛的。

89 Just quit and go home, fuzzy bunny. 趕快放棄,然后回家,小兔子。

90 - There's never been a bunny cop. Never. - Just a stupid carrot-farming dumb bunny. - 從未有兔子警察。決對不會有。 - 你只是一個愚蠢的拔胡蘿卜的小兔子。

91 As mayor of Zootopia, I am proud to announce that my mammal inclusion... 身為動物邦的市長,我很自豪地宣布,我的哺乳動物法案...

92 initiative, has produced its first police academy graduate. 主動,培訓產生的第一名已從警校畢業。

93 Valedictorian of her class, ZPD's very first rabbit officer... 作為他們班的畢業生致詞,市警局的第一位兔子警官... 94 Judy Hopps. 朱迪哈波絲。

95 Assistant Mayor Bellwether, her badge. 羊咩咩市長助理,她的警徽。

96 - Oh, yes, yes! - Thank you. - 嗯,是的先生! - 謝謝。

97 Judy, it is my great privilege to officially assign you to the heart of Zootopia... 朱迪,這是我莫大的榮幸正式分配你到動物烏托邦的中心......

98 Precinct One. City Center. 一號轄區,市中心。

99 - Yeh! - Yeh! - 耶! - 耶!

100 Congratulations Officer Hopps. 恭喜你哈波絲警官。

101 I won't let you down. 我不會讓你失望的。

102 This has been my dream since I was a kid. 從我還是迷你兔子起這一直是我的夢想。

103 You know, it's a real proud day for us little guys. 你知道,這對我們這些小家伙是個光榮的一天。

104 Bellwether, make room, will you? 領頭羊,騰出空間,你愿意嗎?

105 Okay, Officer Hopps. Let's see those teeth! 好了,哈波絲警官,讓我們看看那些大板牙!

106 Officer Hopps, look here. 哈波絲警官,請看這里。

107 - We're real proud of you, Judy. - Yeah, and scared too. - 我們非常為你感到驕傲,朱迪。 - 還有害怕。 108 - Yes. - Really, it's kind of a proud-scared combo. - 是的。 - 真的,因為這是一個危險的工作。

109 I mean, Zootopia. So far away, such a big city. 我的意思是,動物烏托邦。它這么的遠,這么大的一個城市。 110 Guys, I've been working for this my whole life. 伙計們,放松,我等了一輩子了。

111 We know. And we're just a little exited for you, but terrified. 我們知道。而我們只是替你感到興奮但也害怕。 112 The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. 我們唯一需要畏懼的就是恐懼本身。

113 And also bears. We have bears to fear, too. 和熊。我們也要擔心熊,還有獅子。

114 - Say nothing on lions, and wolves. - Wolves? - 獅子和狼沒什么。 - 狼?

115 - Weasels. - You played cribbage with a weasel once? - 黃鼠狼。 - 你有一次跟黃鼠狼斗地主?

116 Yeah, he cheats like there's no tomorrow. 沒錯,他們會出老千整死你。

117 You know what? Pretty much all predators. 你知道嗎?任何掠食者。

118 - And Zootopia is full of them. - Oh, Stu. - 動物邦里到處都是。 - 夠了,斯圖。

119 And foxes are the worst. 狐貍是最差勁的。

120 Yeah, actually, your father does have a point there. 是啊,其實,你爹地是對的。

121 It's in their biology. Remember what happened with Gideon Grey? 這在他們的天性里。記得那只吉迪恩葛瑞干了什么?

122 When I was nine. Gideon Grey was a jerk who happens to be a fox. 當我九歲。吉迪恩葛瑞正好討人厭又是只狐貍。 123 I know plenty of bunnies who are jerks. 我知道很多兔子也都很討人厭。

124 Sure, yeah, we all do, absolutely. But just in case, 我們當然都知道,絕對。但是以防萬一,

125 we made you a little care package to take with you. 我們給你做了一個保命袋要給你帶著。

126 - I put some snacks in there. - This is fox deterrent. - 我們放了些點心在里面。 - 這是防狐喇叭。

127 - Yeah, it's safe to have that. - This is fox repellant. - 是的,帶著它你會很安全。 - 這是防狐噴霧。 128 The deterrent and the repellant, that's all she needs. 她有防狐喇叭跟防狐噴霧跟夠了。

129 - Check this out! - Oh, for goodness sake! - 看一下這個! - 哦,老天爺!

130 She has no need for a fox taser, Stu. 天啊,他不需要狐貍電擊器好嗎,斯圖。

131 Oh, come on. When is there not a need for a fox taser? 拜托。怎么會不需要狐貍電擊器了?

132 Well, okay, look, I will take this... To make you stop talking. 好吧,好吧,你看,為了讓你們別再說了,我拿這個。

133 Terrific! Everyone wins! 太好了,雙贏!

134 Arriving, Zootopia Express. 到達動物邦的特快車。

135 Okay, gotta go. Bye! 好了,我要走了。再見!

136 Mmm. I love you, guys. 嗯。我愛你們。

137 Love you, too. 我們也愛你。

138 - Oh, cripes, here come the waterworks. - Oh, Stu. Pull it together. - 喔天阿,大洪水要來了。 - 哦,斯圖。振作點。

139 Bye everybody! 再見大家!

140 Bye Judy, I love you! Bye! 再見朱迪,我愛你!再見!

141 Bye! 再見!


143 ? Oh oh oh oh ooh ? ?哦,哦,哦,哦,哦?

144 ? Oh oh oh oh ooh ? ?哦,哦,哦,哦,哦?

145 ? Oh oh oh oh ooh ? ?哦,哦,哦,哦,哦?

146 ? Oh oh oh oh ooh ? ?哦,哦,哦,哦,哦?

147 ? I messed up tonight I lost another fight ? ? 今晚我搞砸了,又再一次落敗 ?

148 ? I still mess up but I'll just start again ? ? 雖然搞砸了,但我依然會重新開始 ?

149 ? I keep falling down I keep on hitting the ground ? ? 我總是摔倒總是重重摔到地上 ?

150 ? I always get up now to see what's next ? ? 而我總能重新振作去迎接嶄新的未來 ?

151 ? Birds don't just fly They fall down and get up ? ? 鳥兒不僅僅高飛,它們跌落后又重新展翅 ?

152 ? Nobody learns without getting it wrong ? ? 學習時沒有人不曾不犯錯 ?

153 ? I won't give up, no I won't give in ? ? 我絕不放棄,我絕不屈服 ?

154 ? Till I reach the end And then I'll start again ? ? 直到我抵達終點并且我會再次重新出發 ?

155 ? No I won't leave I wanna try everything ? ? 不我不會放棄我要嘗試到底 ?

156 ? I wanna try even though I could fail ? ? 即便我可能失敗我也要嘗試到底 ?

157 ? I won't give up, no I won't give in ? ? 我絕不放棄,我絕不屈服 ?

158 ? Till I reach the end And then I'll start again ? ? 直到我抵達終點并且我會再次重新出發 ?

159 ? No I won't leave I wanna try everything ? ? 不我不會放棄我要嘗試到底 ?

160 ? I wanna try even though I could fail ? ? 即便我可能失敗我也要嘗試到底 ?

161 ? Oh oh oh oh ooh Try everything ? ? 哦,哦,哦,哦,哦嘗試一切 ?

162 ? Oh oh oh oh ooh Try everything ? ? 哦,哦,哦,哦,哦嘗試一切 ?

163 ? Oh oh oh oh ooh Try everything ? ? 哦,哦,哦,哦,哦嘗試一切 ?

164 ? Oh oh oh oh ooh ? ? 哦,哦,哦,哦,哦 ?

165 ? I'll keep on making those new mistakes ? ? 我將會繼續的犯下新的錯誤 ?

166 ? I'll keep on making them every day ? ? 但我每天都不會放棄 ?

167 ? Those new mistakes ? ? 即便犯下錯誤 ?

168 ? Oh oh oh oh ooh Try everything ? ? 哦,哦,哦,哦,哦嘗試一切 ?

169 ? Oh oh oh oh ooh Try everything ? ? 哦,哦,哦,哦,哦嘗試一切 ?

170 ? Oh oh oh oh ooh Try everything ? ? 哦,哦,哦,哦,哦嘗試一切 ?

171 ? Oh oh oh oh ooh ? ? 哦,哦,哦,哦,哦 ?

172 ? Try everything ? ? 嘗試一切 ?

173 I'm Gazelle. Welcome to Zootopia. 我是志羚姐姐,歡迎來到動物邦。

174 And welcome to the Grand Pangolin Arms. Luxury apartments with charm. 然后歡迎來到豪華公寓。 175 Complementary delousing once a month. Don't lose your key! 每個月除跳蚤一次,不要搞丟你的鑰匙! 176 Thank you. 謝謝。

177 - Oh, hi! I'm Judy, your new neighbor! - Yeah? Well, we're loud. - 喔,你好!我叫朱迪,你的新鄰居! - 喔?是嗎,我們很吵。

178 Don't expect us to apologize for it. 別指望我們會道歉。

179 Greasy walls. 油膩膩的墻壁。

180 Rickety bed. 搖晃晃的席夢思。

181 Crazy neighbors. 瘋狂的鄰居。

182 I love it! 我愛死了!

183 Come on! He bared his teeth first! 拜托喔,是他先亮大板牙的!

184 - Excuse me! - Hmm? - 不好意思! - 嗯?

185 Down here! 下面這邊!

186 - Hi. - O... M... Goodness! - 嗨。 - 歐... 我的 ...天!

187 They really did hire a bunny. 他們真的雇了一只兔子。

188 Ho-whop! I gotta tell you, you're even cuter than I thought you'd be. 矮油!我要告訴你,你比我想像中的還可愛。 189 Ooh, ah, you probably didn't know, but a bunny can call another bunny "cute", 哦,啊,你可能不知道,一只兔子可以說另一只兔子“可愛”,

190 but when other animals do it, that's a little... 但其他的人呢,有一點...

191 Ohhh. I am so sorry! Me, Benjamin Clawhauser. 噢噢噢。我很抱歉!我,洪金豹。

192 The guy everyone thinks is just a flabby donut-loving cop, stereotyping you. 那個大家都認為我只是個愛吃甜甜圈的肥肥警察。

193 - Oh. - No, it's okay. - 哦。 - 其實還好。

194 Oh. You've actually got... there's a... 哦。事實上你的...有一個...

195 - A what? - In your neck. The fold. - 一個什么? - 在你的脖子縫里。

196 - The... this... - Oh, there you went, you little dickens! - 額...這... - 噢你這個狡猾的小家伙!

197 Hehehe, I should get to roll call, so which way do I... 呵呵呵,我應該去報到了,所以哪一邊是...

198 - Oh, ball pen's over there to the left. - Great. Thank you! - 哦,在左手邊。 - 很好,謝謝你!

199 Oh... That poor little bunny's gonna get eaten alive. 哦......那可憐的兔子會被生吞活剝。

200 Hey! Officer Hopps. You ready to make the world a better place? 嘿!哈波絲警官。準備讓這個世界變得更好了嗎?

201 Attention! 注意!

202 All right. All right. Everybody sit. 好吧。好吧。大家坐下。

203 I've got three items on the docket. 我的文件上有三個重點。

204 First, we need to acknowledge the elephant in the room. 首先,我們必須對房里的大象致敬。

205 Francine. Happy birthday. 弗軟瑟斯。生日快樂。

206 Oh. 哦。

207 Number two. There are some new recruits with us I should introduce, 第二。我們有個新兵要介紹,

208 but I'm not going to because... I don't care. 但我不會,因為......我不在乎。

209 Finally, we have 14 missing mammal cases. 最后,我們有14起失蹤哺乳動物的案件。

210 All predators. From a giant polar bear to a teensy little otter. 所有的食肉動物。從一只巨大的北極熊到一只小小的水獺。

211 And City Hall is right up my tail to find them. 而市政府正逼著我們趕緊破案。

212 This is priority number one. Assignments. 這是第一要務。分派工作。

213 Officers Grizzoli, Fragmire, Delgato. 警官吉佐利官、梵軟哥邁爾、戴嘎頭。

214 Your team take missing mammals from the Rainforest District. 你們團隊負責失蹤的熱帶雨林區的哺乳動物。 215 Officers McHorn, Rhinowitz, Wolfard. Your teams take Sahara Square. 警官李麥克、德拉格維奇、歐文。你們團隊負責撒哈拉廣場。








Judy Hopps: I know you'll never forgive me. And I don't blame you. I wouldn't forgive me either. Iwas ignorant and irresponsible and small-minded. But predators shouldn't suffer because of mymistakes.


[Nick still refused to take a glimpse at Judy]

Judy Hopps:

[Begins to cry] And after we're done, you can hate me, and that'll be fine, because Iwas a horrible friend, and I hurt you. And you can walk away knowing you were right all along. Ireally am just a dumb bunny.



Nick Wilde: What do you call a three-humped camel?



What did we say? No icing anyone at my wedding! 爹地,不是說好不在我的婚禮上凍死任何人!

朱迪查案時,質疑本不穿衣服的動物竟然不穿衣服(是不是很繞口?自己感受下邏輯哦。 Oh! You are naked!



Nick Wilde: Everyone comes to Zootopia, thinking they could be anything they want. But youcan't. You can only be what you are. Sly fox. Dumb bunny.


It's not about how badly you WANT something. It's about what you are capable of! 光有志向是不夠的,重要的是你的能力!

We may be evolved, but deep down we are still animals.


No matter what type of animal you are, change starts with you.